How can I get involved?

You can get involved with the community cat mag in a number of ways, from sending a story, to sending us your cat themed crafts!

Please keep reading below to further explore how you can get involved!

Stories– We’d love to hear your stories, click here for more info: Send your story

Cat hacks and tricks– We’d love to hear your tips and tricks! More info here: Your cat tips and tricks

Recipes for cats: Maybe you’ve found the puurfect homemade recipe to satisfy your hungry feline, that you’d like to share? Click here for full details: Recipes for cats

Your cat themed crafts: If you’ve got a cat themed something that you’ve handmade that you’d like share, please click here for full details: your cat themed crafts

Crafts for cats (toys etc): Have you made something just for your kitty to enjoy whatever it may be we’d love to hear from you, more info here: Crafts for cats

Funny felines and mischievous moggies: We’d love to see your funny feline / michevious moggy photos! If you’d like to send them to us, please click here: Funny felines and mischievous moggies

‘Ask Joe?’– This is something just for the felines! Are you a cat with a question? Then Joe’s the one to ask! To send him your questions, please click here: ‘Ask Joe’- your kitty questions answered!

Cat charities: Dear cat charities, if you’d like to feature in our community cat magazine, there’s more info here: Want your cat charity to feature?

Moggy of the month: Is your cat extra special, do they deserve to be crowned ‘moggy of the month’? If you think they do, please click here for full details: Moggy of the month